The first-ever onomastic bibliography covering the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and neighboring border territories.

Exhausive enumerations, covering the entire range of proper names, starting with the first onomastic article published in Luxembourg in 1850, by Governor Ignace de la Fontaine entitled: « Lieux-dits ».

  • Titre : Bibliographia onomastice luxemburgensis 1850-1995
  • Auteurs : Henri Klees, Ralph Fichtner
  • Année de publication : 1997
  • Nombre de pages : 200
  • Poids : 610 g
  • Prix : 31,00 €
  • Luxembourg 5 € / Europe 10 € / Reste du monde 13 €
  • Description : Korpus von 1256 Titeln nach Themengruppen – Sekundärliteratur aus Fachbibliographien und Literaturzitaten.
  • ISBN : 2-919910-00-0
  • Nombre de titres cités : 1565

Bibliographia onomastica luxemburgensis


  • Name studies (general) 41 references
  • Personal names 39 ref.
  • Family names 336 ref.
  • First names 62 ref.
  • House names 114 ref.
  • Toponymy (general) 60 ref.
  • Field-names 437 ref.
  • Place names 327 ref.
  • Hydrographic names 43 ref.

Index with more than 1600 citations classified by authors, subjects, field-names, place names, family names, house names, first names, nicknames and hydrographic names.

Important for genealogists!

Major chapters on familiy names and first names. Many of the books and articles referenced contain lists of family names, explanations of family names, listings of family names combined with house names.
Important for linguists!

As Luxembourg is situated in the French-German language frontier, the book’s interest for both germanistic and romanistic researchers is evident as well as for all linguists interested in language barriers, interference and exchange.
Important for any Researcher on Luxembourg!

Many well-hidden or unknown articles buried in old newspaper articles now identified. They can be made accessible through interlibrary loan of copies from the Luxembourg National Library (books, periodicals) and Luxembourg National Archives (newspapers, microfilms).
The Institute will also be endeavoured to provide logistic help for getting copies of Luxembourg newspaper and periodical articles which are hard to access for foreign researchers.

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