• Titre : Yolanda von Vianden, Moselfränkischer Text aus dem späten 13. Jahrhundert
  • Auteurs : Gerald Newton, Franz Lösel
  • Année de publication : 1999
  • Nombre de pages : 186
  • Poids : 470 g
  • Prix : 23,00 €
  • Envoi Luxembourg 3 € / Europe 5 € / Reste du monde 7 €
  • ISBN : 2-919910-01-9


Translated into Modern German, annotated and commented by Prof. Dr. Gerald Newton and Prof. Dr. Franz Lösel
(University of Sheffield, GB)

The oldest regional linguistic document for the Luxembourg area, written at the end of the 13th century by Brother Hermann, relates in 6000 epic verses the story of Yolanda, daughter of the Count of Vianden. Her father having other plans for her future more suitable to her social status, we vision her dramatic struggle for being admitted into the Dominican convent of Marienthal, opposing young and old, mother and daughter, social conventions and personal convictions, this life and the life to come.

For the High Middle Ages this epic legend draws a rather unusual picture of a strong-willed and self-confident woman, who, full of energy and unwaveringly, aims at and attains her goal.Yolanda’s life is edifying literature, character study and historiography as well. Through its realistic description of Yolanda’s vita it brings us in close contact with this important feminine figure in Luxembourg history. Its scientific yield goes beyond the specific interests of linguists and Germanicists.


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